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Craft Show History

When Mentor Methodist's "new" church building was completed in 1906, the Ladies' Aid Society, as it was then called, organized its first bazaar, at which craft items, vegetables, candy, and other foods were sold. This forerunner of the current Gingerbread House continued through the 1920's, when the Model T replaced the previously used horse and buggy as a means of bringing workers and shoppers to festivals.

The Fall Festival, as it was then known, gained more space with the addition of the Education Wing, and at various times has included sales areas featuring plants, children's clothing, books, attic treasures, a special quilt made by the Quilters, a Christmas workshop, lunch and tea rooms, a hot dog stand, and for a short time, antiques.

Workshops to prepare for the bazaar were held once or twice a week for several months beforehand, and this continues today. At one time a meal was served the night before the bazaar, but that was dropped in favor of lighter fare served on the day of the sale....

Caramel making once played a big part in preparation for the bazaar. That was a twice-a-week affair, lasting for a month or six weeks. Up to 500 pounds of caramels were made during that time. A few of the men helped to cut the candy, and the older ladies wrapped it. One husband made a carpeted platform for the women to stand on during the 2-3 hour task of stirring the sticky concoction.

In 1972 the Fall Festival acquired a new name -- the Gingerbread House. That same year crafts from the community were accepted on consignment. Many local people continue to bring their crafts year after year to what has become one of the most popular shows in the area.

Although the Gingerbread House and its predecessors have netted many thousands of dollars, one of its most important functions is the Christian fellowship and camaraderie it has fostered among the women of the church.

Taken from MUMC's "Memories" published in 1988.

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Friday from 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Don't miss dinner!

Head to Fellowship Hall for sloppy joes, pizza, vegetarian chili, and chips.

Saturday from 11:00am - 1:30pm

Lunch is served!

Choose from hot dogs, homemade potato soup, chicken noodle soup, chili, taco salad, and slices of pie.

Country Cupboard & Bake Shop

Sweets and treats galore made by women in our UMW and church members. Get your fill of confections, candies, pies, brownies, pumpkin rolls, and so much more!

Mentor UMW Crafts

Our women have been hard at work all year long making crafts for the show. Don't forget to stop by and purchase RADA knives too - made in the USA!

Middlefield Cheese

Sample before you buy of Swiss, Cheddar, Muenster, Colby, and Farmer's cheeses and smoked sausage.

Attic Treasures

Our one-room rummage sale. You never know what you might find! We will collect donated items starting the Monday of the week of the show through that Thursday.